Best Yoga Poses/Workout For Weight Loss

Best Yoga Poses/Workout For Weight Loss


Are you trying to develop a bikini body? Anyone would love a body no one could resist, right? If you are for strengthening your cores in line with shaping up and losing weight, here is the guide to the best yoga for flat tummy.

Yoga is known to help your mind and body relax. Little did you know that you can get more from it like lose weight and achieve your perfect body in mind.

There are different types of yoga but it is said that the best yoga for weight loss is either bikram or ashtanga. If you want the best yoga for workouts, you just have to combine both.


Bikram is well known to increase your heart rate dramatically which aids in burning your fat calories rapidly. It is said that you can almost achieve 1000 calorie burn in just one session.

Bikram is more advisable than ashtanga since they are almost similar but bikram is held in a room with 105 degrees and 40 humidity in order to help add more pressure to your body in sweating up. If you are aware of the saunas, it is as if you are doing yoga in a sauna bath.

Yoga types suited for a person will depend on what type of body he possess, or what kind of purpose will it be used for.

As for the best yoga for a flat tummy, all you have to know is that it will be composed of several types of planks used in different variations. We all know how planks work in working out. It tones down your abs making you achieve your dream bikini body.

The Following variations of planks are all for yoga purposes.

1. Side plank.

Side plank is common regardless of your knowledge in yoga. I'm sure you know a little about side planks. Now, to use it in yoga will require you a more sophisticated technique. In order to aid in your flat tummy process, combine plank with side planks and you will be sweating in no time.

side plank yoga

2. Chaturanga

Chaturanga is a form of planking where in instead of full arm length in performing planks, you bend your elbows to level your body parallel with the floor. This plank combined with a regular plank will definitely encourage your body to sweat more than the usual.


3. The boat.

When doing the boat, you are actually imitating the shape of a boat with your body allowing you to compress and add pressure to your abdomen. This focuses on your abs so you will start to feel vibrations coming off your abdominal area. Now, to make it more exciting, you may first do the boat then elevate your back and legs together to keep more pressure making your abs more prone to sweat. I'm sure you will feel the ache immediately in doing so.

the boat

Get It Right, Get It Tight

Planking is the best cardio you can do in line with abnominal crunches. It is proven very effective even in the art of yoga.

Yoga's benefits does not stop here. There are more fun ways it can be useful like helping you revive your sexual flexibility. You may use it to meditate and to boost metabolism.

There are many benefits you can get from it but as I said, this is about the best yoga for flat tummy.

Now that you know what kinds of poses that are necessary to focus on your tummy, you may now perform this as steps that you can even do in the comfort your home.

Last Words

Yoga is all about keeping a pose for a longer time than the usual requirement in other sports, this will stress out your muscles as well as your mind thereby making you lose more fat calories.

If you haven't tried yoga yet, this is the best variation of yoga for you. It is very easy to do even if you are inflexible.

Try it if you have time to spare. Your mind will ooze with relaxation and you will sweat up in no time.

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