Best Yoga Exercise For A Flat Tummy And Stomach

Best Yoga Exercise For A Flat Tummy And Stomach

Yoga For A Flat Tummy - Melt Away Belly Fat Quickly And Easily!

Nothing can be irritating like stubborn belly fat. Belly fat is something millions of people all over the world are battling with in their life.

Yoga for flat tummy is an age-old and time-tested way of boosting your body metabolism and strengthening your core to eliminate stubborn belly fat.

Flat belly yoga exercises are actually a fully body workout that not only tones and tightens muscles, it also relaxes and calms the mind.

Flat belly yoga prominently figures stretches that elongate the abdominal region and assists in creating strong , lean and well sculpted abs along with improving agility and strength.

Flat stomach yoga poses for a flat belly are recommended as they provide permanent results, instills discipline, have no side effects and improve the overall wellness of the body.

The following are some of the best yoga for a flat belly poses:

#1. Bow posture

This flat stomach yoga pose works out the core and tightens your abs to get rid of belly fat. Rocking back and forth motions stimulate the digestive system and curbs constipation. Moreover, this pose allows the body to stretch.

Bow posture

How it is performed:

Lie on your stomach and stretch your legs out. Ensure your arms are at each side of your body.

Bend at the knee position to reach your arms back to the ankles or feet.

Lift your head and bend it backward while lifting your legs as high as possible.

Hold this pose for 30 seconds .

Exhale and resume your original position with your legs stretched out and your arms at your sides.

Repeat this several times.

#2. Seated forward bend

Also known as Paschimottanasana, this yoga for flat tummy pose helps to burn belly fat , relieve stress and get rid of digestive disorders.



How it's performed: 

Sit down on the floor with your legs stretched. Ensure your back is straight. Your toes should point upwards .

Stretch your hands forward to touch your toes. Stretch until you hold your toes.

Hold the position for approximately 3 minutes and return to your original position. Repeat the procedure several times.

#3. Bridge

The yoga for flat belly pose has many benefit including improving digestion, relieving blood pressure and stiff muscles.

bride pose

How it's performed: 

Lie on your back and push off the floor with your feet.

Raise your body upwards so that the back and buttocks are off the floor, but your neck remains down.

Push your hands down on the ground to support your raised body.

Stay still in this position for as long as you can.

#4.Camel hinge

This flat belly yoga pose works out the abs, thighs , the back.


camel yoga pose

How it's performed: 

Kneel on the floor with the knees hip width apart. Stretch your arms forward and ensure the palms are facing downwards.

Lift your chest and press your pelvis forward as you hinge backwards .

Pause and open up your chest while keeping your rib-cage down and your stomach button drawn into your spine.

Return to your starting position slowly.

Repeat this as much as you can.

Regular practitioners of yoga for flat tummy report benefits including:

  • Better sleep.
  • Better sex life.
  • Noticeable increase in happiness.
  • Improved skin.
  • Increased flexibility.
  • Less pain in joints and body parts such as back and legs.
  • Increased level of self-confidence.

Practice the above-mentioned flat stomach yoga poses to get the toned belly you’ve always wanted. For the best results, flat tummy yoga should be combined with other exercises and a balanced diet free of junk food and harmful additives and chemicals.

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