10 Tips To Make Him Fall In Love With You

10 Tips To Make Him Fall In Love With You

10 Tips To Make Him Fall In Love With You

Most people believe falling in love is something that is natural and that it just happens. I personally believe that if you put the work into anything, you can have whatever it is that you please. Including A man. It's time to stop hoping that he feels the same way you do, and it's time to take matters into our own hands. Let yourself decide what you get to have and not have. I to was once a bystander of what happened to me in my life and ladies I tell you that day is far gone! If you have your eyes set on that one guy that just drives you crazy, and you want him to feel the same about you, Well then keep reading on because I have some juicy Insight for you.

The Super Method:

1. Keep Him On His Toes

Never and I mean ever, allow him to know how you truly feel in the beginning. You have to keep him guessing as to how you truly think of him. Even if you are crazy about him and you think he's drop dead gorgeous, don't give him not one hint about any of it. He can never know that he has you in his grasp. Just be casual whenever your around him, never leading on to how you really feel. If you want to know how to make him fall in love with you, then your going to need a bit of reverse psychology in the beginning. Last tip before we go on. This step doesn't mean to be a boring date, and act uninterested. To master this step you actually need to seem very interested yet a little distant at the same time. I know sounds a bit confusing but you have to send him mixed signals if you want to drive him crazy. The objective here is for him to be clueless of how you feel and for him to always have you on his mind.

2. Competition Is Healthy

Men are alpha dogs by nature. They are possessive creatures and they do not like sharing. If you want him to fall for you then he needs to know that you have options. He needs to know and feel that he is competing for your affection and attention. Make sure you don't go over board with this, you don't want to scare him off. But ultimately he needs to feel as if you can be stolen away from him at any moment.

3. Simple Flirting

Everyone should know how to flirt, but it's important not to go over board here. This ties into the first principle on this list. He needs to know that you are interested in him on some type of level. You can let him know that he looks good today, or try doing something subtle like gently touching his arm. Be creative with this step and have fun. If you really want to drive him crazy, at the end of the night on a date or as you are saying goodbye, lean in and give him a kiss on the cheek and then walk away. Play a little hard to get, it'll have him wanting more, because of how little he has received.

4. Be Interesting

One major turn off for a man is a woman who is boring or who doesn't talk. Many women out there believe that they are the trophy and it's the mans job to keep them interested. This is false, this will lead him to getting distracted with the next shiny object. Men are somewhat like dogs and you need to keep them entertained. Ask him about his interest and why he is interested. See if any of his interest could potentially interest you and learn more about it. This way you create a subject for you two to bond with.

Another way of being more interesting is by being adventurous. Being open to trying new things and also suggesting trying new things. For example, once upon a time ago while my husband and I were dating, He brought up how he always wanted to sky dive. I told him that would be extremely scary but that I'd like to try it with him. He was super excited in that thought and a month later we both jumped out of an air plane together. Now I know this is a bit extreme, but all he could talk about the month leading up to and after, was how cool I was. He even told all of is friends that his girlfriend was a dare devil. BTW we were only dating at the time ;).

5. Be Sexy red dress

This one is fun yet simple. Every woman should know what colors or styles they look best in. Simply sexy it up at times. Going to a fancy restaurant for dinner? Wear a Sexy red dress as the one in the photo above. This is a sure way to make a guy fall for you. He will be drooling over you all night. Red sticks out, and men are attracted to shiny things, again that's a dog reference, ha ha. Best thing to do here is combine this with tip 1 and 3 and he'll be falling for you in no time.

6. The Slow Text

This one can be a bit dangerous if done wrong, but if done right will have him going nuts over you. Say the two of you are having a text conversation, just simply wait a little while until you text back. The objective here is to make him constantly be waiting on your response. If he's always waiting on your response, he'll always be checking his phone for your text. If you haven't text him back in a while this will drive him a little crazy and then you'll have him thinking. Which is good, we want him to think about you. We want to be on his mind. Now I repeat this again you don't want to over do this. Don't wait an hour to text him back, but make him wait a couple minutes every now and then.

7. Give Him Space

Want to know how to make him fall in love with you? Then this is essential. Every woman should know this. This is probably the most important step on this list. No body likes a clingy lover, no one. You can't be up his @$$ all the time. This especially includes texting. We're in a new era where the primary source of communication comes from text messages. So every now and then allow him to text you first. Give him the space to make the first move. Most importantly give him the space to miss you. He can't miss you if your always around and available. Which ties into Tip #8.

8. Be unavailable

Being available at all times can make him feel as if he has you whenever he wants you. If you run every time he calls, then I can promise you he will not only get spoiled, but he will also get bored. Instead if he invites you out or ask to hang tell him you have plans or that you're unavailable at that moment. You need to be and always remain a hot commodity. This is purely supply and demand here. If there is a lower amount of supply then the demand raises, which in turn means the supply's value is raised. In plain English you are the supply and if he can't have you, he'll only want you even more.

9. Become That Hot Commodity

Making a guy fall for you all has to do with what it is that you have to offer. You want to be the full package. This takes a bit of work but in the long run you're only helping yourself. By improving on your own qualities and skills, you'll become a better person, a stronger and more secure woman. On top of that, you'll have other eyes on you as well, which ties into tip #2. You don't want to be the dollar menu cheese burger that anyone can get from McDonald's, You want to be that Fine expensive steak that no one can afford. No one other than only the finest of course. But that's the point, if you want to attract greatness, you must become great.

10. Let Him In

Finally after you feel a sufficient amount of time has passed and all the torturing is done, let him in. Every day and month should significantly lead to this. Making him fall for you means he needs to know who he's falling for. So eventually you need to open up and let him know how you feel. It'll be such a relief for him to know that your interested in him the same way he is for you. This will actually probably be the moment that he falls for you. He'll be vulnerable and caught off guard if all the previous tips were done correctly. This is when you'll have him melting in your hands and your wish will be his command.

Our Conclusion

Making a guy fall for you can be a little bit of work, but it's fun work. Even better is that once the work is said and done, you get what you want, and that's the point of all this hassle anyways. These are my 10 best tips for making a guy fall for you. Now if for whatever reason you have a stubborn guy and he makes things a bit hard for you, then I added a little bonus video here. This is a sure fire way if everything else fails.

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