Learn How To Get A Man To Marry You

Learn How To Get A Man To Marry You

Tips On How To Get A Man To Marry You

The natural path for a relationship to travel on is from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. That is the flow of a relationship. Although Some women out there are struggling to get to this point in they're relationship. Some Men are afraid to commit while others are just waiting for the right signs to appear. Which ever the case today we will be giving you 8 tips to help you reach that finish line and learn how to make a man marry you.

1. Trust Him

Show Him that he has your undeniable trust. Make sure he knows that you trust him with all of your heart, and that you love that he hasn't given you a reason to feel other wise. You must also actually follow through with your words. If you want to marry this man, then there must be trust.

2. Be His Idea Of The Wife Type

Every man has an idea in his head of what he thinks would make the perfect wife. Your job is to find out which items are on this list and be those things. If you don't already know then ask him. Ask him how you can be better at being his companion. I'm not telling you to completely change yourself, but you never know if there's is something minor that he would like you to do that you wouldn't mind doing. This will get him to marry you.

3. Make Him better

Every person on the face of this earth has an ugly side to them. Especially Men. They seem to be ill tempered beings. Sometimes they're going through a rough patch in life and they might have a short fuse whenever a situation arises. It is your job to remind him of his good qualities and remind him that's not who he truly is. This voice of reason in his head might help him get through his tough time, and he'll be glad he had you there for him.

4. Show Him Your Appreciation

If you need to know how to get a man to marry you then always Let him know how much you appreciate the things he does for you. No matter how small. Every one, not just men, like to be appreciated and they like to feel like their efforts don't go unnoticed.  The best time to show your gratitude is when he does a manly duty. Like take out the trash, wash your car or take you out to dinner. This will make him feel extra great about himself, because men love to have their ego's stroked every now and then.

5. Allow Him To Save You

Men are Alpha Males. They like to feel like men. All that testosterone goes to their heads sometimes I guess. Either way men love to feel as if they're needed and as if no one could have done the job other than them. So from time to time give him a task that a man would do and once he's done pay him a compliment. Something like this usually works " Thanks babe, no one else could have done that job other than you". This will make him feel good about himself, and appreciated as well. This will definitely make a man want to marry you.

6. Control Your Tantrums

We all have fights, and we all argue. It's normal in a relationship, and sometimes it's needed. But something that's important is making sure you don't go over board with rage. This can scare a man off and have him asking himself if he really wants to spend the rest of his life with a woman like that. Instead show great control and show him that you can be reasonably level headed. This will bring you closer in your relationship.

7. Keep up with yourself

If you want to know how to get him to marry you then this step is a key to that door. You need to show him what type of woman he wants to marry. The type of woman that takes care of herself. The one who stays in shape, and still looks great after so many years. He needs to be secure that the woman he's going to spend his life with isn't going to drastically change for the worse after 10 years. This isn't just all about looks, this is also about brains and personality. Make sure to keep up with your education and constantly work on improving yourself. Continue to set goals and achieve them. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is a go getter.

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