How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Getting Him To Fall For You

Love, we all need it, want it and desire it more than anything if we don't have it. It's the one emotion that is capable of making perfectly sane people, do incredibly insane things. Why is that? Why is is that when someone is in love they do things they normally wouldn't do. Understanding the answer to this question will lead us to the answer of the subject at hand, which is how to make someone fall in love with you. So grab a drink and get ready to gain some valuable knowledge.

Fore Warning:

1. Understanding How We Fall In Love

understanding love

Love is just like any other emotion we have. All of our emotions are controlled by our mind. Whether you like to admit it or not we are the masters of our emotions. We control our thoughts which in turn control our emotions. Now I know many people are going to dispute this but it is the truth. Just because you can't control your temper doesn't mean that you don't have the ability to control it.

Back to the subject at hand, each and every person has an idea or picture of their perfect person. They have and the qualities and features that person will have jotted down in the back of their minds somewhere. Think of it as a check list. To over simply it very quickly, whenever you meet a potential candidate, your subconscious mind is ticking off boxes to see if that person qualifies.

On the other end of the spectrum, if the boxes aren't checked and the requirements are not met, then the person is very likely to just remain a friend, or get friend zoned. Falling in love is actually that simple. This is the main reason why some people fall in love and others just remain friends. So if at point in your life if you were ever put in the friend zone, it was because you were not able to check off the boxes in that persons subconscious mind.

Understanding how your mind works will give you a lot of information on how it is that you fall in love. You must put everything into perspective and write down what is the most important qualities you look for in a potential lover. Learn to ask yourself the right questions. This step is extremely important in knowing how to make someone want you, because when you know questions to ask yourself, you'll know what questions to ask the person it is that you want to fall in love with you.

2. Getting Into Peoples Minds, To Make Them Fall In Love

love on the brainSo now that you have your own checklist, it's time to do some research and figure out what items are on our potential lovers list. You know exactly how your mind works and from the previous step you know what questions you need to ask, so now it's time to ask them. Whether that be directly or in directly. Ask them or ask one of their close friends.

                                  Checking Their Check List

The saying is opposites attract right? Well that can be true but it's also true that we all are looking for people who are similar to us. Someone who can mirror us and compliment us. I'll give you an example of the above statements. Let's say someone is smart but they're are also very shy. They maybe looking to fall in love with someone who is smart as well but also who is outspoken. They may not like their shyness, therefore they maybe looking for someone who they can admire. If you can fulfill that requirement and check off that box of there's, you are sending a message to their subconscious stating " I Have what you need".

                                  Persistence Is Key

Persisting and Stalking are two very different things here. Persistence is required in order for you to have anything it is that you need in life. This is especially true when it comes to making someone fall in love with you. You need to never give up on what it is that you want. Now Stalking on the other hand is a bit creepy and can have the opposite affect of making someone love you. Stalking is when you take persistence to the next level and you become clingy and never give the person their space. No one loves a stalker but Persisters on the other hand can be admired. Persistence and Love go hand in hand, therefore it is a must.

                                  Friendly Love

Someone once said, a way to a persons heart is thru their friends and family. I believe this to be true. Think about it for a minute. If your best friend tells you how much of a creep a person is and how much of an a-hole that person is, would you want to date them? Odds are no. The reason for this is because as human beings our minds tend to believe something coming from a trusted source. Such as when you were a kid and your dad would tell you not to touch something or you would get hurt. Chances are you believed them because they were a trusted source. So if you want to know how to make someone fall in love with you, you need to get on good terms with they're closest friends. Hey you may even ask that friend to hook you up with them and even go a step further and see if they can dig up some pieces of that mental checklist we were talking about earlier.

                                   Getting Into Their Heads

The mind seems to believe something that is constantly being repeated to it. This is the whole center of mass commercial marketing. Why else would Companies such as coca cola spend millions of dollars a year on television commercials. So how do we use this to our advantage you ask? Simply show yourself more to that person, make sure you're a constant thought in that persons mind. Don't be stalker, but also don't be a stranger.

                                Positive + Thought = Me

Become a Positive Thought to others. Make sure when people think of your name, the first thought that comes to mind is a positive one. Make people want to smile when they think of you. This method ties very well with the tip stated above.

3. Love At First Sight

Is it real or is it just a myth? I Believe it is a 100% real. Think about that list we all have. If someone is able to check off multiple things if not everything on that list from the first time you meet them, then there is a good chance of you falling in love with them. Remember this list does not only consist of personality traits, but there also can be physical traits on there as well as subtle things like the way that person walks, talks or smiles.

Also we are creatures who tend to follow patterns. So if we see someone who reminds us of a previous lover then there is a good chance subconsciously that old feelings can re-emerge with out you even realizing it. Leading you to believe that it must be love at first sight. I personally know this from experience.

My Conclusion

Combine everything above and I believe that you have a decent shot at making someone fall in love with you. Whether your trying to get someone to fall back in love with you or just want their attention, This is a great place to start. Another word before I leave off, is that just because you are friend zoned doesn't mean that there is no hope. Remember every person had that list and even if you've failed to check it off once before, doesn't mean you can't grow into someone that another person can love. Also as we get older our list can change, so don't lose hope and continue to always persist until you succeed.

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