Tips And Tricks On How To Keep Him Interested

Tips And Tricks On How To Keep Him Interested

Tips on How To keep Him

So you want to know how to keep him interested. You finally have his attention and now you to need to keep it. Well you have come to the perfect place because I am the perfect person for the job. I am Going to give you a sure fire full proof way on how you're going to keep him around for the long term. Plus at the end I"m going to give you a little bonus something on how you can go the extra step and have him obsessing over you.

keep him interested

1. Be Interesting

I know this sounds kind of obvious and self explanatory but I must bring this up and elaborate. Now in days too many women are to caught up with the idea that a man is supposed to pamper to their every need and the man is supposed to keep them entertained. Well Wake up call ladies, If you aren't an interesting person, chances are he'll lose interest, that simple. What if you went on a date with a man who only talked about his boring job that he hates so much all night? Would you be super interested in seeing that guy again? Chances are slim. I have an article here where I go more in depth on this.
Here are some simple tips on keeping him interested.

First you need to ask questions. So many times I have been on double dates with one of my friends and she was a complete bore. I mean I sincerely felt bad for the guy. He was struggling so much to keep the conversation going with her. He would ask a question and all she would do is respond. That's it, not extra explanation or counter questioning. If you want to keep your man interested then it is important to know what he finds interesting. Need I say More?

2. Don't Blabber Too Much

OK Ladies, I bring this up because I have a lot of friends who are completely shameless. They have no problem with telling a man they are dating about all the crazy nights they've had in the past. I had one friend once who told her date that one time she got so drunk and passed out. She woke up in some guys house the next morning. Talk about shameless. Moral of the story, keep your dirty laundry in it's hamper where it belongs.

3. Have Fun

Allow yourself to have some fun. Don't be so up tight and loosen up a bit. Positive vibes as well as negative ones seem to reciprocate, meaning that if your having a good time, it'll show and it'll make him feel more comfortable as well. Also try to open him up a bit, make him feel as if he can be himself. Many men feel as if they need to be on their best behavior when they first start dating. Which in turn leads him to being a bit uncomfortable.

4. Give Space

Keeping him interested doesn't mean that you have to be with him 100% of the time. In fact the more time you spend apart, the more of a chance that he'll miss you. Giving him space also shows him that you aren't a clingy type of girl. Which is a good thing if you want to know how to keep him interested. Another benefit to having a little space apart is that when you reunite you'll have much to talk about and there won't be any awkward silent moments.

5. Get Involved

Getting involved in activities and things he likes is a benefit to the three of you. Him, you, and the relationship. He benefits because he now has a cool girlfriend who he can talk to about his interest. You benefit because not only do you experience new things but you can start to replace his current best friend. In a successful relationship, both parties should be each others best friends. It's ok to have other best friends, but you two should always be number one to each other. How is that supposed to happen if you guys have nothing in common. The relationship benefits now because the two of you are now closer, which makes the relationship healthier.

6. Smell Good

Every man on this planet loves a woman who smells good. That's like a key factor. Scent which is a sense, is a powerful thing. It triggers areas in the brain that can trigger different emotions. For instance If you walk into your grandmothers house and smell food which she use to cook when you were a child. That smell can take you back to your childhood and have you feeling all different types of emotions. Well the same is true for men, if you have a certain scent he likes, whenever he ever smells it else where he will be reminded of you.

7. Don't try to hard

Whenever someone is trying to hard to keep another person interested, it's quite obvious. This can actually be a turn off. Just be yourself, be comfortable in your own skin and let it show. Let him see how relaxed you are and remember, it'll rub off on him. He will then be super comfortable around you which in turn will lead to his continued affection toward you.

8. Get Sexy

This one's an obvious one I hope. But every now and then a man needs to be reminded of how sexy his woman can be. He needs to know that there are plenty of other men out there that want his lady. So either plan a date night out or come up with an excuse for you to get dressed up. Try to wear a nice revealing dress. My go to colors are either black, White or Red. Black is super sexy, and mysterious. White is also very sexy and gives you a clean angelic look. What man Doesn't like a sexy angel. Last but not least is the infamous Red dress, It's elegance never goes out of style. If these sexy little encounters don't keep him interested, Then i don't know what will.


White Dress Sexy
sexy red dress
black sexy

9. Communication

Communication is a gift for the both of you, not only is it vital to the relationship but it's also important for you to know what it is he likes and dislike about you. One day just flat out and ask him what does he like and dislike. Ask him to be honest and tell him you won't get mad. Make sure you don't get angry or upset, because if you do he won't trust you any longer. Once you know what he dislikes about you try to do less of it. You will a lot of respect from him for this because now he knows he can trust being honest with you. This is a sure fire way in keeping him around.

10. Be a little naughty

Yup I brought it up. Be a bit naughty from time to time. Find out what he likes and give it to him. Not all the time but once in a while, let him have his cake and it eat it to if you know what I mean. Also learn some new skills, and surprise him. He will be amazed, just when he thought he had you figured out, boom, you hit him with something that "blows" his mind. I bet he'll be interested after that.

Last Words Of Advice

Ultimately ladies. if you want to keep your man interested it isn't to hard. Just listen to what he has to say. Watch what he does, and play off of his personal interest. Now I have something a Little exclusive here, but this is only for those of you who want to take this to the next level. By next level I mean obsession, burning hot, drooling obsession. Click Here if you're ready for that.

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